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Contract packaging

For many companies portion packs are just a small part of the business. Developing or purchasing specific machines is an expensive matter. It could be more clever to outsource the production. It is precisely in situations like this Elite, the BeLux sales office of Van Oordt The Portion Company, is the right business partner. We are specialist in portion packs for already a long time. Our packing service means greater efficiency for you. If you pack portions yourself and are you facing a temporary capacity problem, our service also offers a perfect solution.

From idea to distribution

We are full service partner in contract packing. We work together in the development of both product and packaging. We give feedback and take appropiate measures based upon production tests in order to obtain the most efficient production. We dispose of a in-house graphic studio and a in-house printing office and of course various own production lines. Thanks to these facilities, a short lead-time can be realized.

Each product its own solution

We can pack various products/fillings: powders, granules, liquids, pastes, and tablets. For example:

  • Sandwich filling, as pasta, jam and sprinkles;
  • Sugar, whitener, sweeteners (tablets and powders);
  • Sauces/toppings (mayonnaise, dessert sauces and so on);
  • Spices (pepper and salt);
  • Instant beverages (cocoa, coffee and lemonade)

Packaging solutions

You can select various shapes and formats: sticks, sachets, pads (round sachet), cups and much more. The outer carton can be either a dispenser box or a regular carton. We can also pack sticks in a retail box (30-50 pieces).

Many applications

Portions are widely used in the foodservice/out of home market. We also see more and more portion packs as service product co-packed in in retail, such as a stick icing sugar with pancakes, ketchup and mustard with a hot dog or a hamburger. A portion pack is also a perfect promotion tool and generates a lot of attention. For example, as an eye catcher in a mailing or as test-sample which is handed out by a promotion team.


Quality is our high priority. We are IFS certified at the highest level.

Special demands

Do you have special wishes or would you like to have tailor-made advice for the development of your portion pack? Do not hesitate and contact: 

Manager Export & Business Development

Keith De Wilde
Phone: +32(0)14 25 96 06
Email: keith.dewilde@portionpackeurope.com 

Key Account Manager Benelux

Hajo Hofland
Phone : +31(0)6 2151 3924
Email: hajo.hofland@oordt.com 


Van Oordt is a member of the ECPA, de European CO-packers Assocation.

Questions? Ask your questions to our sales office