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About us

Elite, the sales office for Belgium and Luxembourg of Van Oordt The Portion Company, formerly known as ‘Portion Pack Belgium’, was founded in 2004 by merging two famous Belgian family businesses: Elite Biscuits en Cocachoc. In 2011 the production of former Union Edel Chocolade in Haarlem (Netherlands) was integrated into Elite. After this Elite continued the distribution of Belgian chocolates and biscuits under the established brand Elite. From September 2018 Elite has become part of Van Oordt The Portion Company in Oud-Beijerland (Netherlands) and the sales office in Herentals is servicing the market in Belgium en Luxembourg with portion packs.

Through the years Elite profiled itself as prominent supplier of single packed biscuits for horeca. We sell the tastiest biscuits of Europe's main bakeries, of which Delacre is one of the most important brands. In 2001 sugar and other portion packs were added to the assortment. Van Oordt The Portion Company, with Elite as BeLux sales office, is selling portion packs such as sugar, creamer, biscuits, chocolate, honey, toppings, sauces en fruit purees, on the Benelux market.

Since the history of Van Oordt The Portion Company, of which Elite is the BeLux sales office, goes back to 1734 we have lots of experience when it comes to producing and marketing portion packs. And of course because of our in-house printing machines, our diversity in packaging machines and a good dose of healthy entrepreneurship. We are proud of our specialty. That's why we call ourselves The Portion Company.

It's all about a small product. A product that everyone comes across every day. Small but with high added value in terms of experience, hygiene, efficiency, convenience and communication: portion packs. That's why our slogan is: Always bringing a little extra!


PortionPack Europe 

Van Oordt The Portion Company, of which Elite is the BeLux sales office, is part of PortionPack Europe Holding, a joint venture of specialists in the field of portion packs, that operates under the wings of European sugar market leader Südzucker. Within this holding Van Oordt is accompanied by Elite, Hellma Germany, Hellma Czech Republic, Hellma Austria, Portion Solutions, COSO and Portion Pack Iberia (SAES).

The benefits of the joint forces? Areas of expertise that complement each other. Know how that comes together. The greater efficiency, the substantial economies of scale and the only portion company with a very strong European distribution network.

More information about this holding you can find on: www.portionpackeurope.com.



Corporate video

Sugar sticks with the coffee. Cups breadspread in your corporate restaurant. Sachets ketchup for your hamburger. Almost every day you come across products of Van Oordt or any of the other companies within PortionPack Europe. For those who likes figures: PortionPack Europe sells over fifteen billion portion packs per year. Representing roughly forty million per day. But how does that actually work in practice?

You can see this in our corporate film where digital animation goes hand in hand with video. You get an impression of the long history of the company. Take a look at the printing and packaging. And our customers have their say. Without their commitment and enthusiasm we couldn't have made this film.

We mention the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, Merisant in Paris, Booker Wholesale in Telford and Seven Hotel in Prague.


Every day we produce many millions of portion packs. It has everything to do with our sincere belief in the added value: hygiene, efficiency, convenience, communication and experience. Hygiene because the closed packaging is made for single and individual use. Efficiency because you save time and waste less product by spoilage or messing. Convenience because of the perfect dosage, ready-to-use function and the many possibilities to vary without loss. With communication we mean what you achieve if portion packs are provided with your own design and printing. And the experience is the positive feeling it creates: a memorable moment. 

So yes, we are mad about portions. From that drive, we are constantly looking for new products, packages and applications. Our ambition? To make food moments at home and out of home even more valuable with thoughtful, ready-to-use mono packaging. To let the customers of our customers enjoy their consumptions even more, anywhere, any time.



Quality, a legal requirement. And from a food safety perspective it’s a must. Customers often have their own specific requirements and we are dedicated to perform at the highest level. Consequently our quality management system has IFS certification. We are IFS higher level certified. We also have Skal certification, enabling us to provide organic products. And the same goes for fairtrade products with the certified Fairtrade/Max Havelaar label. Below, all four certificates can be downloaded. Furthermore we are committed to the Südzucker compliance corporate principles (code of conduct).

We can trace all of our 20,000 references, for instance raw materials, packaging materials and finished products, in every phase of the production process. From procurement to delivery. We can manage this among other things thanks to the fully integrated scanning system. Furthermore we review every aspect that is relevant to quality. This implies risk analysis, product and process management, training. Certification authorities and external auditors carry out regular controls, like our own auditors, hygiene inspectors and product analysts. All in all, quality is an on-going concern.   

IFS Skal


Our customers

We want to provide portion packs for one-time and individual use for all food moments at home and out of home. Everyone comes across our products regularly, probably often unconscious. Sugar stick with coffee or a biscuit with tea. The jam cup at breakfast in a hotel, or a pepper stick in the company restaurant.

 Our direct customers are:

  • Industry (contract packing)
  • Wholesale
  • Coffee Roasters
  • Supermarkets
  • On-line Food Suppliers
  • Home Delivery
  • Shops Out of Home

Our end users are:

  • Care & Cure
  • Bar, Restaurant, hotel
  • Offices
  • Government
  • Education



We pay close attention to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Ideally we want to strike a balance between financial security and future-proofing our company, on ecological quality and the well-being of our employees and the world around us. We are simultaneously a purchaser, manufacturer, distributor and an employer. Within each role we try to contribute to a durable society. In a way that fits: involved but no-nonsense. With clear goals and an honest evaluation.

So what does this mean in a practical sense? We target areas where we will have the greatest impact. There are 4 pillars on which we base our activities:

  1. Chain integration, raw materials & packaging
  2. Energy, water, waste & CO2 emissions
  3. Transport & logistics optimization
  4. Personnel & organization


Ketenintegratie, grondstoffen & Verpakkingen

Chain integration, raw materials & packaging

From our role as buyer we think it is important to build long-term relationships with suppliers: to think together and to look for the most sustainable solutions. Because CSR (= Corporate Social Responsibility) is two-way traffic.

For the purchase of our paper and cardboard we use recyclable material as much as possible. At the moment 100% of our cardboard packaging is made out of recycled material. As packaging material for our biscuits, where possible, we opt for recyclable foil. With biodegradable or compostable material, the material can only be used once.

Besides we sell an assortment organic and fairtrade products. Thanks to the cooperation with Fairtrade Original we have introduced the first assortment fairtrade spreads in Foodservice.


Energie, water, afval en CO2 uitstootEnergy, water, waste & CO2 emissions

As a manufacturer, we are committed to treating the environment responsibly. We monitor our energy use via an energy scan and make improvements where necessary. We are currently making the transition to LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, and warm air (released during production), is recycled. We strive to reduce waste and therefore monitor it on a regular basis, and we also perform waste separation. In our printing office we use only water-based ink, without solvent. 


MVO Pijler 3 Transport en logistieke informatieTransport & logistics optimization

Logistics play an important part in our roll as distributor. We therefore work closely with a local logistical forwarder to realise reduced fuel consumption, increased load, more stops during transportation and so on. 


MVO pijler 4 Personeel & organisatiePersonnel & Organization

Both the company and its employees are committed to making a difference and behaving responsibly, particularly when it comes to durability. Everything from large-scale organisation to smaller initiatives is significant. Subsequently, our IT department collects the ink cartridges and our Graphic Department regenerates the solvents used in the development of flexo printing plates. In a broader sense, we strive to create an enjoyable working place for our employees, and to support them in their own development.


Questions? Ask your questions to our sales office